Monday, October 30, 2006

August – October 2006: Instincts

The following 2 – 3 months went by and the pain in Kristi’s abdomen stayed about the same. It only hurt when she pushed on it. Of course, I would always just tell her “don’t push there”. Fortunately, she listened to her instincts. She remained persistent with the doctors and they ran blood tests, did an ultra sound on her kidneys, did a bladder scan, and even did a CT scan of her stomach. All of the tests came back “clean”. This reinforced my theory that there was “nothing wrong”. Nice one! She also went to Dr. Fogg during this time. He called it! He told her it was something with her reproductive organs – "felt like a puddle of blood". But, he couldn’t do anything about it and told her to keep seeing her regular doctor.