Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010: We Are Family

Today was an odd day but a good day. Come join me as I revisit a day in the life of the Rogalske family . . . .

We are not morning people but despite the odds we were all able to get up and out of bed. Sunday School officially started today so my wonderful loving husband took Ashley & Nathan to the early service. He even went to an adult Sunday school class that began today.

Thanks to my awesome husband Emily and I were able to sleep in a bit longer - too long actually so we scurried to get ready and out the door in time for the second service. We made it in time but because they were implementing a new secure check-in and it was the first day of Sunday school things were just a bit too chaotic for Emily so we checked out (securely!) and headed back downstairs.

At this point church had already started and they were in the middle of baptism. We decided to stay out in the narthex so we pulled out some chairs (the cool tall kind where we could dangle our feet!) and watched the service on the tv monitors. After a while, Ashley came out to check on us and since her poison ivy was bothering her she decided to stay with us. It was a great service and I'm glad I got to sit and listen to it with my girls.

After church we headed home to have some lunch together. You know, the meat and potatoes kind of meal that warms your soul. Oops, wait, that wasn't us. Actually, Brian and I had Lucky Charms cereal, Nathan and Emily had ham & turkey sandwiches and Ashley had a granola bar. Yum. The kind of meal that makes a mama proud!
Brian took the kids' pictures after lunch. Thanks to the digital age Brian has been taking the kids' school pictures for a few years now. We usually do the traditional background. Last year he took their pictures outside and this year he used a green screen and let the kids pick out their own background.

This afternoon we chilled out in the living room. Brian at the computer working his magic with the pictures ~ me on the couch resting as usual ~ Ashley on her laptop ~ Nathan right next to her (doing his best to drive her bonkers) and let's not forget Emily ~ sound asleep on the floor ~ making snorting noises!! It just doesn't get any better than this.

We had a great family supper together (yes, it was healthier than lunch). I ended the day by going out for hot chocolate with Ashley (my teenager asked me if I would go out with her for hot cocoa - woohoo!!!!!). It was a good day.