Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday September 21, 2008: Still Here!

Well, I think we have set a record of longest time between updates!  I just checked the statistics of the blog and am amazed at the number of people checking the blog every day.  We average around 75 hits a day.  Even when we aren't faithful with updating, you are faithful checking on us.  That is so humbling and encouraging.

We have been super busy the past few weeks with the typical "getting back to routine" issues.  The conversations around here are "did you study your spelling yet? is it your library day today? don't forget your violin, do you need a cold lunch? hurry up - we're late for soccer, have you read yet today? you need to practice piano, don't forget your show & tell, and hurry up or we'll miss the bus!"  Just your typical house trying to keep up with three children's different schedules.  We're getting the hang of it though.

Up until a few days ago we were doing pretty well.  I've been super busy with GEMS which kept my mind occupied.  Now that things are slowing down a bit with GEMS my mind has had time to wander - which is never a good thing.  Plus, we are getting closer to my next blood draw.  Combine that with the restructuring at JCI and, well, let's just say it's past time for us to update the blog and share our prayer requests with you.

I will be going this Wednesday for my lab work.  As you already know, my number is slowly creeping up and was last at 53.  The optimistic part of us is saying that the cancer is gone and will not return.  Our realistic part tells us we need to be aware of potential outcomes from this next lab work.  Should my level continue to rise, I will more than likely need to have my ct scan done sooner (currently scheduled for October 6) and meet with my oncologist sooner (right now isn't until November).  The positive side of the possibility of needing to have more chemo is that I am not resistant to the first line of treatment which was the first chemo that I received.  Some people's bodies become resistant to that chemo treatment.  

This Wednesday I will be going to Teusink's Farm with Emily and her preschool class and then heading to the lab after that (with Emily and my Mom along for moral support).  That night we have our first night of GEMS which is always "controlled chaos".  That will be a good thing though for keeping my mind busy.  I will call the doctor Thursday morning for results after I drop Emily off at preschool.  I will post them as soon as I hear.  Sometimes I don't connect with my nurse right away and have to wait to find out the results.  I'm sure it will be an anxious morning.  

Please pray specifically for my CA125 level to be low and for Brian's job.  Please also include Brian's coworkers as this is a very stressful time at his work.  Thank you!