Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009: Four Down, One To Go

I'm officially the sole survivor of this bug going through our house! Emily woke up this morning throwing up. She couldn't even keep water down today. Thankfully around 7:00 tonight, about 12 hours after it started, she started to feel much better. She went from not able to keep a sip of water down to eating soup and crackers with no problem. She was laughing and happy and it was so good to have her back. She had become so out of it that I was anticipating a doctors or hospital visit tomorrow.

Ashley and Nathan still have a cough and stuffy nose but are doing much better. They would have gone back to school today if it hadn't been a snow day. They have been out of school all week and are going a bit stir crazy (and so is mommy!).

If I stay healthy it will only be because of God's grace. I had the joy of holding the bowl for Emily today and let's just say I was in the splash zone. Keeping me healthy is no big deal for God though.

Emotionally I am doing better. I have been exercising and can tell already the difference it has made on my mood. I am anxious to find out what my new CA125 level will be on Monday but for now I am going to simply enjoy a quiet weekend with my family and without this nasty bug that seems to really enjoy spending time with our family!