Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008: Anxiety Mounts

As Kristi stares down 2 tall glasses of her special "potion" (CT scan stuff), the memories of CT scans, x-rays and endless blood work are still too vivid. The past few weeks have been very tough as we face the reality that the cancer may be back. Tomorrow she goes in for chest x-rays and a CT scan and Wednesday more blood work. We should have all the results be the end of the week. Please keep our family in your prayers as it will be a very anxious week waiting.

We haven't shared anything with the kids yet so please keep that in mind if you see our kids. We don't want to cause them any unnecessary anxiety...Ashley especially. She is a very emotional girl and she doesn't need any distractions as she tries to keep her focus on 5th grade homework.

We praise God in the good times and we praise Him during the bad times. While it doesn't make sense to us today, we have comfort knowing that it makes perfect sense to Him always.

Thanks for praying for us.