Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009: Pea Green Soup

Friday night Nathan shared a riddle with me. He said he was going to ask me four questions and that I had to answer "pea green soup" to every question (sorry if you've heard this one before!). Anyway, here goes.

What did you have for breakfast? (Pea green soup). What did you have for lunch? (Pea green soup). What did you have for supper? (Pea green soup). What did you do all night? (Pea green soup). Sorry, gross. Little did I know at that point that I would be experiencing my own four "pea's" over the next two days.

The first one was "power". We lost power a couple hours after Nathan shared this joke with me.

The second one was "pool". The kids have always wanted us to have a pool. I'm pretty sure they wanted this to be in the back yard though . . . not the basement.

The next one was "panic". Over the past couple days I have been slowly letting the panic overcome me. This afternoon I was very close to having a panic attack. (Last year I had the joy of experiencing my first full blown panic attack - let's just say it wasn't good).

My final "p" was for "peace". I realized that if I didn't slow down soon that the panic attack was going to win so I went to a quiet room and did some of the techniques that my kineseologist had taught me last year. Once my breathing started improving I started to think of where my "happy place" was that I needed to mentally go to. Right away I could almost hear God saying "come back to Me - I've got this all under control". I literally felt my panic being replaced with peace.

So over the past couple days I have lost "power", gained a "pool", took control of a "panic attack" and found "peace".

Praise God!