Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009: Side Effects

I am sooooo glad that I am done with Taxol. The side effects have been getting worse with every round. Yesterday I was a zombie all day from the Benadryl. Today it feels like I have a bunch of mosquitoes biting at my face - kind of a prickly feeling. A friend of mine came up with a great name for it - chemosquitos!

My tongue has that scalded feeling again and food is tasting rather yucky. I'm trying not to be whiny and remember that once these go away they should stay away! There is always a chance that the side effects can become permanent but hopefully that won't happen. On a positive note my hair isn't falling out! With the last round quite a bit was falling out within a day of treatment.

I will be starting my maintenance treatments (Avastin) next week Wednesday (the 10th). I was kinda bummed that I am starting already but next week will be three weeks from my last round of Avastin. I guess the sooner I start the sooner I'm done.

The kids are pretty excited that summer break is almost here. I am too . . . except for the sibling rivalry factor :) Next week Friday is the Relay for Life (thank you to those of you who have donated so far!) and the following week Nathan and Ashley will be at Camp Geneva. What happened to the good old lazy days of summer? Yikes, that made me sound old.

I'm still assuming no news is good news with my ct scan and x-ray but I'm going to call tomorrow just to make sure. I will update tomorrow if anything bad was found on the scans.

Thanks for the prayers.