Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008: The Results Are In

I am officially done with chemo and on a "maintenance" plan for doctor visits!!! My CA125 was 47 (which is exactly where it was last time) and the CT scan didn't show any concerns.

My doctor said I'm not technically "in remission" because my CA125 isn't "normal". They consider normal to be 35 or under. I think that my normal is between 40-50. Guess that means I'm "above average" :)

I will be going for blood work once a month. My next doctors appointment is in 3 months and my next CT scan is in 6 months. As time goes on these appointments will become further and further apart.

Brian should be home soon and we're going out to supper to celebrate but I wanted to quick let everyone know the wonderful news! Thank you for your prayers!!!