Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, May 19, 2008: Kristi's House

Many of you may not know the history here so let me give you the background. Our church recently purchased Kristi’s parent's home they built about 25 years ago...the house Kristi grew up in. The house (and its property) is attached to our church’s property. Our church purchased this property a few years ago from Kristi’s parents to accommodate future expansion plans. After Kristi’s parents moved out of the house, the church decided to convert the house into a duplex and use the house for transitional housing for people in need. So they needed a name for the house other than calling it the “old Kammeraad house” (Kristi's maiden name is Kammeraad). The thought was that this house would give people hope, inspiration and a fresh start during some transitional time in their lives. So when the church leaders thought of hope and inspiration, they thought of Kristi’s battle with cancer. So there it is…the name of the house: Kristi’s House. Kristi is really honored that they thought of her. She says it’s kind of a weird feeling having a house named after her.

Yesterday, our church had a dedication of Kristi’s House. After our church service, our entire congregation walked through the woods that separates the church from the house and surrounded the house. We prayed as a group then broke into small groups and all prayed over the house. Two families have already moved into the house. Our prayers of course are that the new families find hope and inspiration in the house and can find their new beginnings. Here are some pictures from the dedication service: