Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008: Do you hear Him?

Last week Friday I had a ct scan. I realized Friday morning that we forgot to post this on the blog as a prayer request. Friday morning I received an e-mail from a friend saying that he felt God was nudging him to spend some extra time for me in prayer that day. He also e-mailed me to make sure I was doing okay.

First I thought even though I forgot to ask for prayers, God knew I needed some extra prayers and prompted a friend to take care of that need. Then I was thinking . . . is my mind quiet enough that I would hear God prompting me to pray for others? Sadly enough I don't think it was. It has been filled with vacation details, school stuff, doctors appointments and much much more.

This was a good reminder for me to stop and listen. I'm glad my friend did . . . . thanks Jack. :)

Next week Monday (the 12th) I have an appointment with my oncologist. I will have blood work done this Friday (the 9th) and we will get the results of the blood work and ct scan at that appointment. (If the ct scan shows any concern they will notify us sooner). I am trying not to think about that appointment because it's a "biggy"! This will be the official "all clear" with cancer. Yikes! I'm normally a reserved person but I think I may just let out a holler when I hear the words "the cancer is gone". I already believe it in my heart but to hear the words will be music to my ears. I've already started planning the party! :)

Brian is still fighting some sort of bug. He has an occasional sore throat and has a cough that just won't go away which is very frustrating to him.

Please pray for patience this week as the countdown begins to next week's appointment. Thank you!!