Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009: Sharing My Testimony

This morning Brian and I went to Grand Haven Christian School (K-8). I was invited last year to come and share my testimony during chapel. Their tagline (which is a word that they try to make synonymous with their school) this year is "Shine". I had the perfect shirt to wear :)

I was pretty nervous but managed to keep my knees from knocking. I honestly don't even remember a lot of what I said. I went there hoping to encourage the kids with my story (they currently have two families dealing with cancer right now). I didn't expect to be so blessed in return. The kids were so sweet and well behaved. After chapel, a class of 5th graders came up to Brian and I and asked if they could lay their hands on us and pray! They circled around us and one child began to pray. Before long they were all praying at the same time - it was like a chorus of angels!

Brian put together a great video to show. He was able to capture the last two years of our lives in 6 1/2 minutes. As he was putting it together I noticed that in the pictures I was smiling. Not just a "say cheese" smile but a genuine happy smile. Despite how awful 2007 was, God gave me the ability to smile and be joyful.

This afternoon I felt rather yucky. I'm really tired and have some nausea. I also have sharp pains in my fingers and toes. This was a side effect of the chemo they had warned me about. Each round of chemo seems to be hitting me a bit harder. I was really frustrated today because it was such a great morning and it felt like reality was slapping me in the face this afternoon. I will need to take benadryl with my next rounds of chemo because my face and legs are terribly itchy. Hopefully the benadryl will prevent that next time.

The kids are doing really good. Just tonight Emily was singing along with the song Mighty to Save. It was so sweet to watch her!

Brian is extremely tired. He is tired most of the time. He exercises almost every single day and he eats very healthy. He's very "tired of being tired". He's been to a sleep doctor but they just can't seem to find the cause of his fatigue. He's been on different medications and nothing really seems to help. I'm getting worried about what could be causing this. We are all too familiar with the serious illnesses that are out there. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you!!