Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009: Fight Like A Girl!

First I just need to say yes!! I figured out how to put this link on our blog all by myself!!! Woohoo! Now I should explain what "fight like a girl" is :)

I have been following a blog for about a month now of a fellow cancer fighter. I met Amy quite a few years back when we were both helping in the nursery during Coffee Break. She was also my nurse a few years ago when I had to make a late night visit to the ER for a blood transfusion.

Amy is an amazing woman and I find myself reliving the initial diagnosis of my cancer through her experience. At first it overwhelmed me as the memories flooded back. Although we have different types of cancer - many of the other aspects have been the same. We are both young moms (okay so she is younger than me but it sure sounded good!), we both know God will see us through and we are both kicking cancer's butt!

On top of singing God's praises during this time she is also raising awareness of breast cancer. She is having t-shirts made with the logo the I have at the top of the blog. I love it! If you are interested in buying one here is the link to her blog -

On another note, tomorrow is surgery day. A nurse called today to go over my medical history and all that fun stuff. She asked me what surgery I was having done tomorrow and I said that I was having a lymph node removed from my neck. She told me that the official term for it was supraclavicular lymph node something or other. Personally I think "having a lymph node removed" is much easier to remember :)

My surgery is scheduled for 11:44 AM tomorrow and we need to arrive at 9:45. I have been okay most of the weekend and haven't really thought much about it. I had a couple times today that my eyes teared up and fear tried to take over. I was able to pray it away though. I just keep telling myself it's just a "drug induced nap". I honestly don't think we will have any results until after Christmas and it is actually the results that scare me more than the surgery itself. Although I'm not very excited about the needle for the iv in my hand thing. Never have liked it and never will!

Brian's parents will be at our house with the kids tomorrow and my parents will be with Brian at the hospital. I will be with the doctors and nurses and more importantly, God will be with us all.