Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010: A Special Day

Six years ago Emily made her debut into this world and into our lives. I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. It's so hard to believe that my baby is six now! Emily has been counting down the days to her birthday since Christmas and she is soooooo excited for today! There are a lot of things that she is hoping to get for her birthday but her favorite gift will be going to the airport this afternoon to pick up Daddy!

Brian has been in Japan for the last three weeks. I didn't post anything on the blog or tell a lot of people because I really didn't want the whole world knowing I was home by myself with three children for that long. We are sooooo excited that he is finally coming home - it was a long three weeks! We were able to talk to him on Skype every couple of days which was really cool. We're ready to see him in person now though!

I have not heard anything from my doctor regarding the ct scan results yet and to be honest - I don't want to. Today is a very special day for our family and I don't want any cancer news messing with it. I haven't even been thinking about it. It will either show the lump that he felt or it won't. Whatever it says we still have to make a decision on where to go from here. Right now the ball is in their court and I'm more than happy to let them keep it there until we are ready to retaliate and hit that ball right out of the park! So for now - cancer will just have to take a back seat because I have more important things to do! (Wow, lots of metaphors in that paragraph - sorry Dad!) :)