Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010: Disney

Sorry bloggers, we updated our Facebook page but forgot the blog...so hard managing both Facebook and the blog. :)

Anyway, we had a great time at Disney. Here are just a few pictures from our trip...between Lori and I we took about 400 pictures so it was hard to pick just a few.

After the pictures I have an update and prayer request...
Arriving in Orlando!
Hangin' out at Lori's time-share (Lori's the undercover one)
Emily being silly...
what a nice looking family :)

Then back to reality. Kristi had bloodwork done yesterday. Today we expect to get the results of her new CA125 number. Thursday we meet with Dr. Downey to determine what he wants to do next. Please pray for comfort during these next few unnerving days.
Also pray for Kristi's sanity. The kids' last day of school is tomorrow and we have plans to go camping this weekend. Also, on a more personal level, her hair is falling out at a faster pace. This was expected with the new chemotherapy. We're not exactly sure if it's all going to fall out like Dr. Downey said, but it is definitely very thin and emotional for Kristi.
Thanks for the continued prayers. We'll update the blog when we have the new number...and more time!