Thursday, January 20, 2011

A reminder from a 7th grader

7. Write a letter to a friend telling them the story of Jesus and who he is to you personally.

The story of Jesus is amazing. Jesus is the Messiah, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and lots more. A long time ago, Jesus did a thing that changed our lives forever. He gave up his life, for us. He died on the cross to save our sins. He paid the price, for us. Jesus, is a miracle. I have had many miracles in my life, and I'm praying for one right now. My mom has had Ovarian Cancer for quite a while now, and it keeps getting worse. I believe that God has great plans for my mom, maybe he wants her to be with him soon, or maybe he is going to heal her, and have her stay on earth for a little while longer. Sometimes it's hard to Trust Jesus, but we have to trust him, no matter what the circumstance is. Whether it can mean losing a loved one, or maybe struggling with something yourself. Trust in Jesus, because Jesus, is the key to happiness.