Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011: Surreal

I was talking with a friend recently and we were both commenting on how surreal this all is.  I mean, Kristi is right here.  Here and now.  Saturday she went to a play with the kids then later to a movie with her sister and her kids.  Sunday we went to church and after church just came home and vegg'ed out..."normalness".  How can it be?!  Just how can it be?

That's from the outside looking in.  Kristi is still pretty uncomfortable.  She is "managing" her pain.  That means she has been doing a pretty decent job at mixing up the Vicodin and the morphine drops.  That's anything but "normal".  As long as she keeps herself drugged she can tolerate the pain.  That doesn't mean the pain is little or subtle, just means she has managed to tolerate it.  She's pretty weak now, maneuvering around via Breezy (her wheelchair).  She's getting used to that as well...and finding which stores are handicap friendly and which are not.  So far, Kohl's of Holland loses the "handicap friendly" competition.  Aisles are too skinny! 

Kristi was going to try to get an update in tonight but she didn't have it in her.  The days usually take their toll on her by evening.  She was pretty tired tonight, and admittedly "grumpy".  We don't mind a "grumpy" mom though.  She has every right to be grumpy...we love her any way she is.

Anyway, hopefully Kristi will have it in her to update soon.

And again we just want to say THANK YOU to everyone.  Everyone is helping out in their own way and we appreciate it all.  Thank you so much!  God has blessed us with many great friends and family!