Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011: Random Thoughts by Kristi

Brian informed me last night that it has been a while since I've posted an update. So, here I am :)  I have been doing really well lately and God has been sharing a lot with me.  I've actually created a couple new blogs but they are private blogs (more like journals for me) where I have been writing everything down.  Some day I may share but for now I'm still learning and it's just between me and Him.

Physically I have had a little more back pain recently but I am still able to keep it under control with the pain pills.  A new development I'm having is some swelling in my ankles.  This started a couple days ago.  I'm pretty sure it is because I was standing up too long.  I've been keeping my feet elevated and it is getting better.  My Hospice nurse will be here this afternoon and I'm sure she will have some advice for me. 

Emotionally I have been extremely peaceful.  I am mentally in a very good place.  I will be honest and say the swelling in my ankles does have me a little bit concerned but not too bad. 

On another note . . . I have to brag about my little brother.  Kevin designed the cover for this months on-the-town magazine.  And I am so excited about the fact that I was able to download and post it all by myself!!!

Playing off the optical illusion of flipping an image so the person is either smiling or frowning, author, musician, and artist Kevin Kammeraad created this month’s cover. The medical scan is that of his sister, who has been battling cancer for more than four years. When the cover is upside down, it appears the monkey is thinking about cancer, which is why the monkey is frowning. “I also found it interesting that one of my most popular songs over the years is the song ‘Up and Down Frowns,’” Kammeraad said. For more on the artist, turn to page 13 or visit Kammeraad’s website,

They wrote an awesome article on him . . . of course how can it not be awesome when the subject (meaning Kevin of course) is awesome?? 

Okay so that is my random post for today.  Emotionally good.  Physically okay but would like to see some normal ankles again.  My brother rocks.