Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011: This will be hard...

I'm sorry for not keeping up to date; I know the silence must be difficult for those that follow our blog.

We are not ready to share everything at this time but it's important that I share this with you:  know that Kristi's health has taken a sudden turn for the worse.  But also be comforted by the fact that she is getting very good care at home right now.  She still has a lot of pain and is very confused, but she can still smile and laugh so that helps.  I will share more when we get her stabilized, but right now things are a whirlwind.

At this time we're asking that only immediate family visit.  As I said, Kristi is very confused with everything going on and visitors coming and going makes her very unsettled. 

Thanks for understanding and I'll share more when I know more...because I am also very confused with everything going on.

For now, please pray for comfort, peace, guidance, strength and patience for our family over the next few weeks.  Thank you.