Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007: An update on Eric

I've been meaning to update you on my brother-in-law. I checked with my sister and here are the specific prayer requests they have:

*Eric is doing treatments at the Born Clinic in GR 3 times a week. Pray they will be effective and help Eric to regain strength

*Veterans disability appeal process is very delayed. Pray for his file to get to the right desk to schedule an exam in Ann Arbor to make their decision soon. (this one is big!)

*God's continued provision until disability is in place (March 2008 for SS disability)

Also, their church is planning a fundraiser for them in March 2008. Pray for the people who are planning this event.

Brian and I have been up and down a lot this weekend. We are learning to enjoy the good times rather than wondering when the bad times are coming. We are also enjoying this beautiful weather!

Thank you for keeping our entire family in your prayers.