Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008: Chemo Round ??

Who knows, we've lost count. Maybe this is round 12, 13, 14?! Whatever the round is Kristi is quite tired and frustrated with the chemo scene. Her mood has turned quite a bit down today. She's been dreading chemo since about Friday. Please hold her up in prayer tonight and tomorrow.

We will also get her CA125 level checked tomorrow. At the last check it was 62. We have no idea what to expect tomorrow, other than if it doesn't drop significantly we will be quite down. We realize that God will rid her of this disease in His own time, but we need prayers to get us through until then. We're growing quite tired and weary of the chemo routine.

Kristi is really enjoying feeling "normal" again. I think that's why she's so down...chemo is just a cruel reminder she still has cancer.

We also have quite a bug running through the house. The kids have all been swapping colds over the past couple of weeks and now Nathan has a fever (102.1) and hurts all over and Emily is coughing and has a runny nose.

REJOICE: Our friend Rich Elling received some great news this past week. The doctor said he only sees one case per year that has a great outcome and Rich was the one for this year!! I believe the words "cancer free" were in there somewhere. What great news. Although we're still waiting for those wonderful words, we are rejoicing with them.

We will update the blog tomorrow night with her CA125 results. Until then, please hold Kristi up in prayer.

Thank you!