Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008: Happy Valentines Day!

I have some items of praise and of some concern. On the positive side, I am feeling great and other than being a little more tired than normal, life is good. Yeah - no side effects!

Germs continue to roam throughout our house. I just got back from the doctor with Nathan and both of his ears are infected. With Tylenol he is okay but as soon as it wears off he is in a lot of pain. Emily is getting better and Ashley is still healthy. Brian is healthy also but getting tired. He has been doing extra stuff around the house since I have been going to bed early at night. He is such a trooper.

On a more serious note, Rich has been readmitted to the hospital. He was having shortness of breath and the doctors said he has pneumonia in his lung and a possible leak in the bronchial tube that connects to his artificial lung. He is in ICU because of these serious complications. For some specific prayer requests, please check out his care page - there is a link to the right of our blog. Please keep his entire family in your prayers.

Speaking of prayers, I had an idea while driving home from the doctor's office. I'm sure you've noticed the roads are filled with pot holes! It's quite annoying trying to avoid them and frustrating when you can't. I was thinking rather than getting mad, I should use it as a reminder to pray. Every time you see a pot hole, send up a prayer. Imagine how many prayers will go up! Although I'd recommend keeping your eyes open for these prayers. :)