Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008: Big Prayers

Where do the days go? We were hoping to get some of the pictures posted from our weekend away but unfortunately Brian had to go to Ohio for work yesterday. He is supposed to be coming home tonight but unless he catches a ride on a sleigh it's not looking too good!

So that would be my first prayer request - safe travel for Brian and the two other men he went with on their way home today.

Nathan has a cold and is miserable. He ran a low fever last night so he is home with me today. We're doing everything we can to help break up his cough and get it out of him.

Ashley is pretty tired. She has such a hard time falling asleep at night. Please pray that she will be willing to talk to us if she needs to and that she can learn how to shut her mind off at night. She is so sensitive and takes everything to heart. Pray that we will be able to teach her how to be empathetic to others and also be able to protect her own heart (something I haven't figured out yet myself!).

Emily has been doing really well. She has her grumpy moments but for the most part is such a sweetheart. This may sound strange but I am going to ask for prayers for potty training. She will be four in April and we still struggle with potty training. She has absolutely no interest.

I spoke with someone yesterday about prayer and she reminded me that we pray to a God that parted the Red Sea. He can do anything! Whether He does or not is His will but if we don't ask, we won't receive. So, I will be passing along some "big" requests. To us, Emily being potty trained would be big!

I am growing so much lately in my spiritual life. I'm learning new things and God is using situations and people to enlighten me and it's all so overwhelming but in a good way. So I would ask that you would pray that I don't become overwhelmed but keep listening and following where I need to go. I feel a purpose developing based on this past year and things are falling into place for that door to open.

Pray for protection for our family from the devil. He is so aware of our situation and the glory that it is bringing to God that he must be trembling.

I know Brian is growing in his spiritual walk as well. Pray that not only will we both grow in our individual relationships with God but that we will also do this together as a couple. Brian recently bought a marital devotional book and we need to make it more of a priority to spend time reading that and talking to each other and praying together. With life being so busy it seems that marriage is the easiest thing to put on the back burner, especially when you feel that it is already secure.

Wow, lots of requests! I feel burdens lifted as I type this knowing how many prayers go up for us! Thank you!!!!