Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008: Our Week In Georgia

Wow, what a week!! We worked our tails off this week!! We also played a lot too so it was fun all around. The weather all week was warm and sunny! The people here at the Young Life Camp were extremely grateful for everything we did. They told us we did in 4 days what it would have taken them 15 guys and 3 weeks to do (not full time of course). I took over 400 pictures so it was hard to find only a few to post. Here are some pictures of our week...First, the work:

The first day at the camp the ladies did some cleaning of the dorms and changing of the bed linens. They now all hate bunk beds.

We stripped the roof off of this old cabin (built in 1846). They are going to relocate the cabin to a different part of the camp.

For the rest of the week, the ladies and most of the kids worked in the kitchen serving the staff meals. After the meals they had to wash dishes and set up for the next meal. Tuesday night the ladies worked until 9:00PM and Wednesday until 7:30.

Kristi was head dishwasher

The guys cleaned out this old lean-to and stacked about 10 truck loads of fire wood

This is a rock. A really big rock.

This is a truck. An empty truck. See the rock above (the really big rock)? We had to fill the truck with rocks. Why? Not sure. Our job wasn't to ask questions, just fill the truck. So we looked for rocks in the woods and filled the truck. As my friend Tom proclaimed..."God made rocks heavy for a reason...they weren't meant to be moved!" That was the most grueling of all jobs...mentally and physically...but we survived.

We also cut down trees, cleared around a pond and raked an area where they are going to landscape. Each day we all returned to our rooms exhausted!

OK, now the playing:

This is called a blob. See the person standing on the deck? This person jumps onto the big air cushion. See the person sitting at the end of the tube? This person gets launched into the air with forces so brutal it cracks your back and whips your neck. The kids call this fun. I call it something else.

The water slide was fun!

One night the guys hiked up to the top of Sharp Top Mountain. That was very cool.

This was another hike we went on.

Emily hanging out at the pool.

Here's a picture of our group.

Like I mentioned before, I took over 400 pictures so it was hard picking out which ones to put on the blog. Maybe I'll be motivated and make a quick slide show when we get back.