Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008: We're Here!

We made it! Our first flight was smooth and we made our transfer in Colorado with seconds to spare . . . only to sit on the plane for an hour and wait while maintenance fixed a communications and water problem. Fortunately we didn't have another plane to catch after that and they were nice enough to start a movie which made the time go quicker. Without that delay the flight would have been too short for the movie!

We have been amazed at how different states are. From the flat and green Michigan to the dry and hilly Nevada. The weather has been perfect! We saw the Hoover Dam on our way to the Grand Canyon. We are about to head out for our helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon. I can't wait!!! We are having an amazing time and enjoying every second of it. More to come!

Kristi between Lori & Eric...waiting for the maintenance men to fix the toilet in the airplane

On our way from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon we stopped at the Hoover Dam