Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008: Brrrr!

We're home and we're cold! This weather difference is crazy. We hit a couple bad storms on the way home and the weather just got colder and colder the closer we got to Michigan. Also, the scenery got flatter and flatter and the roads got very bumpy! Michigan definitely wins the prize for the most potholes!

It was a wonderful week but now that we're home we are exhausted. Brian has had an awful cold since last Monday (and still has it) and I am now coming down with it. Our patience is very thin so that is a prayer request. Combining physical exhaustion with a cold and a lot of hours in a car aren't a good mix.

The kids (both Ashley & Nathan) said this was their "best vacation of ever" but their "worst drive of ever". They are excited to get back to school and see all their friends again.

Tomorrow afternoon we have a doctors appointment at 2:45. I will have my blood work done but because it is so late in the day we won't have the CA125 results until Tuesday. We will be talking about what the plan for the immediate future will be. I am really hoping that chemo is done but if we have signs (elevated CA125 level or CT scans that show tumors) I will begin chemo again. Right now we are at a "wait and see" time. We are planning on getting this month's CA125 and then have a month without chemo and see what the next CA125 level is. This was my decision (with Brian's support) and tomorrow we will find out what my oncologist thinks about it.

The letters are starting to mix in front of my eyes so I think that is a sign that I need to get to bed. Before I go here's some prayer requests:

*Brian's cold will soon be done (or he will be willing to admit defeat and call the doctor!) and patience while he waits

*The cold that I am coming down with will be short lived

*That we will adjust to being home and getting back into the routine of things

*That we will be on the same page as my oncologist tomorrow

*Prayers of praise for safe travels and a wonderful vacation