Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008: A Bunch of Red Necks

The weather was so nice yesterday and today we all have sunburned faces and necks!! Today was mid-70's and sunny. We're at the camp and worked our tails off today! But, when we were all done we had about an hour to play in the lake. We did the zip-line, the blob, and a really cool water slide.

Yesterday, on our way here we stopped in Chattanooga and visited the Tennessee Aquarium (which was really cool) and also did a lot of sight seeing along the way from Chattanooga to Jasper. Here are a few pictures:

This would have been impressive had there not been 10 inches of glass between him and I

Kristi conquered the mountain! (we had to scale the side of this drop off to get up - and she ruined her nice pants)