Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009: Good-bye Taxol

Today we went in for Kristi's last dose of Taxol. The Taxol is the toxic chemo that is making her hair fall out. This is round 6 so we're done with the Taxol!! We have next week's dose of Avastin to go and that will complete the 6 rounds. Praise God for giving Kristi the strength to go the full 6 rounds. She had thoughts of quitting after 5. So now we go on to the 15 doses of Avastin. Many people have asked us what the Avastin is so I Googled it:

"Avastin is not a chemotherapy or a hormone but a class of agents known either as immunotherapy or biological therapies."

So that's Avastin. Hopefully Kristi will be able to tolerate the 15 rounds of that.

We also had Kristi's CA125 level checked...it maintained at 20!! That is great news. This means that Kristi really is normal!!