Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009: And The Chemo Brain Continues

This chemo brain thing is really becoming a pain. I am forgetting things all the time. I have a planner that I look at every morning and even a couple times a day. It has a week at a glance with a to-do list right next to it. I can look at this one minute and completely forget what I read the next.

I left a comment on facebook tonight replying to someone that can relate to chemo brain saying that I think I need to buy a post-it note pad to keep on my forehead so I will stop forgetting things. Her comment back was that she needed to pick up sticky notes from the store but by the time she got there she would forget why she went. I can completely relate to that!

I am forgetting important things that I need to do and letting people down which is the most frustrating part. I think I may start taking my planner everywhere with me. Hopefully when chemo is done my brain will reboot and start over.

Another bummer - my hair is starting to fall out :( I noticed it a little bit during my last round of chemo and it is happening again this round. The nurse said this is common once the Taxol starts building up in my system. My hair is also turning really soft and fuzzy. I guess I shouldn't complain about that - at least my hair hasn't completely fallen out. I've lost about half of my eyebrows and maybe a third of my eyelashes. I will be so frustrated if my hair falls out with my last round of chemo. I have actually been trying to grow it out the past few months and it grows painfully slow.

I had a mammogram today because it has been two years since my last one. I don't have results yet but the technician didn't see anything suspicious. I should have posted this earlier for prayers but as is typical of me, I forgot.

Brian is feeling a tiny bit better. He is changing some medications and there seems to be a little bit of progress with this. His fatigue is really starting to worry me. For those of you that know Brian, you know that he is typically very active. If there is a project around the house to be done, he does it and if he starts a project, he finishes it. He runs and works out. He loves being outside and being active. I haven't seen this Brian in a long time and I miss him. Right now he has to take a nap almost every day when he gets home from work. He isn't motivated to do any type of projects and when he does it takes a lot out of him. My best guess is that the past two years are finally catching up to him. He was running on adrenalin almost the entire year of 2007 and beginning of 2008. He was mom and dad during that time and also took care of me. After I stopped chemo in March last year we still had the emotional stress of my CA125 level rising every month. I'm praying that once this last round of chemo is behind us we can finally move past this journey and his energy will start to return.

On a positive note - I got my laptop back tonight! It was at Best Buy being repaired (one of the keys kept sticking). They had to order parts so it took two weeks. I am so happy to have it back! Also, tomorrow we will finally be getting our phone connected. Unfortunately we weren't able to keep our old number. If you would like our new phone number you can send me an email and I will send the number to you.

The kids are doing great and we are all healthy (I'm pretty sure I will regret saying that since typically when I do, someone gets sick). My next doctors appointment is on 5/13 and my next chemo treatment isn't until 5/19. For now I'm taking off my "cancer patient" hat and putting on my "mom/wife" hat.