Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009: Sleep Tight

Ever wonder what I mean when I talk about a sleep study? I took this picture when I was at the sleep clinic having my last sleep study. They stick about 20-30 electrodes all over your body (mostly on your head), each of which has a wire running to a recorder that is monitoring your every move, breath, eye movement and thought.

And here is me sleeping again at another sleep study with my CPAP machine. What does a CPAP machine do? It supplies Continuous Positive Air Pressure so my throat muscles don't relax and cut off my breathing. This is what I sleep with every night. No joking! Wonder why I have to take a sleeping pill every night?! Try duct taping a vacuum hose to your face and sleeping. Well, first you have to stick a thumb up each nostril to get the true effect. Then duct tape the vacuum hose to your mouth. But instead of sucking, it's blowing air. Now nighty night, sleep tight!

I realize I sound a bit bitter. I'm in the middle of a bad streak right now with sleeping. I've had this issue for least 10. I've only had the CPAP machine for a couple years but even that doesn't help my tiredness. I've been to the doctor numerous times, had numerous blood tests done and been on numerous pills with no luck. So yes, I'm a little frustrated. Just venting.

On the bright side, Kristi finds masked men attractive!