Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009: Still Yuckin'

First of all, Happy Easter!!

Well, Emily is still coughing nonstop and I am still not feeling well either. I've had the flu since I got home from work Thursday afternoon. I've slept most of the weekend...and when I wasn't sleeping, know.

As of now the plan for tomorrow is that Kristi will go in to GR for her normally scheduled doctor's visit. We're going to wait until morning to make the final call but right now we're thinking that we won't go in for chemo. Tomorrow is supposed to be the "big day" and Kristi normally gets knocked down for that. So we can't have her driving herself to chemo but I can't go if I still have the flu. So we'll wait and see how I feel in the morning. The problem isn't necessarily me - it's exposing Kristi and all the other chemo patients to my germs.

So prayers for tomorrow would be appreciated. Thanks!

Thankfully Nathan feels better and Ashley is still healthy! The kids and I had a good day celebrating Easter (and Emily's birthday!) with both my side and Brian's side of the family. Long day, lots of food, lots of travel, lots of candy and lots of fun. Unfortunately Brian wasn't up to going to either party so he spent most the day in bed with Papi (for those of you who don't know, Papi is our dog).

Brian is so frustrated with having the flu. As soon as he starts feeling a little bit better he tries to do stuff and then overdoes it and is miserable again. I could arrange for someone else to drive me tomorrow for chemo but then both he and I would be feeling sick and one sick person at a time is more than enough. I have to say I'm more than happy to delay chemo a bit :) I'm a bit anxious to get my new number but at the same time dreading the side effects as they have been harder with each round I go through. Also, Emily is turning 5 on Tuesday and I was really bummed about the fact that I would probably be feeling yucky on her birthday.

Thank you for your prayers for health and patience. Please also pray that no "lumps or bumps" will be found tomorrow during my physical. I have a big list of questions for my doctor as well. I have had a few new side effects with this last round that I need to talk to him about. Now that I've hit "normal" we will make more of a plan regarding the rest of my treatment. They would like me to go two more rounds (four more visits) but it depends on how I tolerate the chemo and how my number is doing.

Time for me to turn in now. Please say an extra prayer that Emily's cough will let up so that she can sleep. She is in a fitful sleep right now and coughs every few minutes :(