Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009: Out Of Touch

I'm feeling rather detached from the world. To make a long, horribly painful, frustrating, make you want to knock your head into the wall kind of story short . . . our phone has been disconnected and we are not able to have it connected until next week Friday. On top of this, my laptop is in for repairs and our main computer was having "issues" tonight. I didn't realize how much I relied on our phone/computer!

For those of you that need to reach us during the next week you may either send us an email or call my cell phone. I would rather not put my cell number on the blog - if you need to call me send an email (which I check multiple times during the day) and I will email you back with the number. This being said, I have very limited minutes on my cell phone and once I reach them I think we pay a ridiculous amount per minute. So, email will be the best way to contact us if possible.

On another note, I had a ct scan on my head this morning. Yup, my head. I have been verbally dyslexic and forgetful. I've often referred to this as "chemo brain". I had this during my chemo in 2007 as well so I'm not too worried about it. When I told my doctor about it Monday he said he wasn't too concerned but wanted to have a ct scan done just to be on the safe side.

After blowing a vein in one arm and hitting scar tissue in the other arm, the technician was finally able to put the iv in for the dye that they use. As it was running through my veins I could feel it going from head to toe and could taste it. Very gross. I was laying there thinking "as if my body wasn't toxic enough already now I'm having dye pumped through my veins!"

Combine the ct scan problems with the phone problems and let's just say it was a frustrating day. I did have a surprise visit from a friend this afternoon that was just what I needed (thanks Heidi!!). I could sit and whine and complain about all the issues I've had today but what good would that do me? It would just make me grumpier. God has been good to me today and has taken all these troubles off my shoulders and said "life is what you make it". That is so true. I could wallow in self pity or I can cast my burdens on Him. I won't lie and say I haven't had my share of pity parties but right now I'm enjoying the peace that God has given me because I choose to listen to Him and let go.

I will update when I have the results from the scan which may not be until next week. I'm not worried. God already knows the results and that's all I need to know.