Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009: Spring Break

Is there anyone else sticking around in sunny Michigan for spring break? :) I've never really had the desire to vacation during spring break - it's just too busy with everyone else going at the same time. I'm content to just enjoy a slower pace at home. I'd enjoy it even more if it didn't snow!

If I stayed on schedule with chemo then tomorrow would be my "big" chemo day. Even though we don't have vacation plans this week I still wanted to be feeling good so I can spend time with my kids (instead of being in bed). I will be going for chemo again on the 13th. This last round of chemo hit me much harder than the first three. I think this is fairly common with the 4th round of chemo. I'm glad that my body has an extra week to recover before I go back again.

I've been dealing with the neuropathy in my hands and feet (I've bought the L-Glutamine and am just waiting for my doctors okay - thanks to whoever the anonymous person was that left that tip!). My skin is very sensitive to hot and cold. This most annoying side effect though is definitely my mouth. My teeth seem to be disintegrating! I've got an appointment with the dentist tomorrow to find out what is going on. My tongue is numb all the time and food tastes terrible. I got a cherry arctic rush from Dairy Queen the other day and I couldn't even drink more than a couple sips! I am really hoping that this does not become a permanent side effect. I had neuropathy in my feet with my first chemo which thankfully went away after chemo was done. It is possible that the chemo can do permanent damage to the nerves. I can only imagine what other damage it is doing. That is something we will talk about with my doctor at our next visit. He would like to see me do two rounds past normal depending on how I handle the chemo.

Thankfully other than a couple sniffles we are all healthy. I wish JCI had spring break too so Brian could be home with us this week. I will be kept busy being Ashley's chauffeur. She was invited by three different people for a sleepover and they are all out of town. Who would have known that my little girl who wouldn't say two words in preschool would turn out to be such a social girl?!

That's about it. Not much to report these days - for which we are very thankful! :)