Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009: Germs

Aaaaahhhh!!! Our house has been invaded by germs! Nathan and Emily both have a cold and a yucky cough that seems to kick into high gear at bedtime. Brian came down with a flu bug yesterday afternoon. He's extremely tired and achy and his stomach is doing flip flops. He had today off from work but unfortunately he had to spend the entire day in bed :(

Ashley is done with all her sleepovers and we're happy to have her home again! In the past 5 days she has slept in Spring Lake, Grandville and Grand Rapids! We always made the trips driving her into something fun to do (like visit with friends, see a movie, go to one of my brothers shows and out to dinner). It's been a fun week.

I am scheduled for chemo this Monday so I'm praying that I will avoid all these germs that are going around the house. I bought the L-Glutamine this week and it has been helping. I couldn't find the powder so I bought the capsules. My feet are only a little bit numb now and I don't have any pain in them. My fingers are fine too. My tongue has even improved a little bit. Food still doesn't taste very good but at least it isn't awful anymore! I'm guessing these side effects will come back with this next round of chemo but hopefully the L-Glutamine will help with it. Thank you to the blogger that left that advice!

Did you notice the change Brian made to the title of the blog? You can hardly see the "with cancer" anymore - love it!!