Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009: Plans

Once again the "for I know the plans I have made for me" did not line up with "for I know the plans I have made for you". God's plans always trump our plans.

I thought I had all the details worked out. Bring the kids to school. Meet my mom at my house so we could switch cars and then go pick my dad up and drop Emily off after that. This way my dad could drive me to chemo with their car and my mom would have the van to pick up the kids later in the day. A little bit complicated but we made it work.

I got as far as bringing the kids to school and getting back home. That's where the plans took on a life of their own. I was giving Pico his antibiotic and pain medication in a piece of cheese and Papi decided to jump in and eat them instead. At first I was thinking he would be fine - it was just a quarter of each pill. Then I realized that Pico weighs twice as much as Papi. I called our vet to see what I should do and they told me I needed to make him throw it up. Thankfully my mom was already there so she helped me give Papi a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (which is what the vet told me to do). I had to do this every 2 to 3 minutes until he threw up and if we hit 15 minutes with nothing we were going to have to bring him in. Thankfully he threw up after the second dose.

As we were dealing with this I was on the phone with my nurse. They had my blood work drawn yesterday at my doctors appointment and my counts were in. I was hit between the eyes with the news of my new number. I think she said 152 or 151 - Brian thought I said 156. I just remember hearing one fifty and then I kinda blanked out. Seconds after this Papi throws up on the carpet under the kitchen table.

My wonderful mother tried cleaning it up but didn't have much paper towel in her hand so she was rather grossed out and almost threw up. At this point it was actually comical. It was the perfect distraction to the bad news. Papi recovered quickly and I found the pills in his, well, you know.

After the mess was cleaned up we continued on with our day. Everything else went according to plan after that. Oh wait, Emily decided it would be a good morning to scream and cry and cling to my neck when I dropped her off at a friends. Thankfully this was a great friend who knew to take her so we could make the break and she was fine shortly after. The chemo clinic was pretty busy and everything was running behind. I should have known that would happen and factored that into the plans!

I'm still kind of surprised by the number and bummed. I may have a very resilient case of cancer but I also have amazing friends and family. I have parents who made arrangements so that my dad could spend the day with me at the clinic and my mom could pick up Emily this afternoon as well as the kids from school. A friend of mine watched Emily for the day. Another friend brought an awesome supper over (and meals for the freezer too!) and then yet one more friend stopped by tonight with a plate of brownies! We even had a friend bring a plate of brownies yesterday which sadly enough we inhaled by that night :) We are so well taken care of!

Pico has only been with us for three days and I'm amazed at how well he is adjusting. He is such a sweetheart!

Life is hard . . . but God is good.