Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009: Pico!

Sorry we didn't update last night with Pico pictures . . . it was a busy day! Pico is full of energy and we are thinking he still has a bit of puppy in him. He absolutely loves Papi! Unfortunately he loves him a little too much and isn't giving him any down time.

Initially he only wanted to be with Papi and he didn't have much interest in us. Today he has warmed up quite a bit to us. Doesn't he look just like Papi? Most of the time they are running around and playing. They wore themselves out and took a short nap on Brian We just weighed Pico tonight and he is 19 pounds - he's very solid. Papi on the other hand is 9 pounds - he's just a little runt.

My appointment with my oncologist today was uneventful which is good. They did give me a new prescription for a different nausea medication which hopefully means I won't get as sick this time. My chemo appointment is tomorrow at 11:00.

Some prayer requests:

We think Pico is going to be a wonderful addition to our family but we still have a bit of a transition phase. He is rather protective of Papi and is still getting used to being around people. He has snipped at a a few people so we are limiting visitors until he gets used to us.

Brian has still been struggling with his fatigue and it seems to have gotten worse recently. It's so hard to understand how someone who eats so healthy (well, most of the time anyway!) and works out every day can have this much fatigue. Pray that some day we can find a cause for it and for patience and strength as he waits.

Prayers of praise for a great first few days of school for the kids! They all have awesome teachers and are adjusting better than I expected to the new routine. They are pretty excited about a 4 day weekend though :)