Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009: Just Another Week in the Life of the Rogalske's

Here is a peek at our schedule this week:

Monday: First day of school for Ashley & Nathan.
Tuesday: First day of kindergarden for Emily & pick up Pico from the Humane Society
Wednesday: Pre-chemo visit with Dr. Downey at 10:00
Thursday: Second round of chemo at 11:00
Friday: No school - no plans - phew!

Hmmm, did I say Pico? The Humane Society? Bet I've got you wondering :) When Papi was gone on his "road trip" we would stop by the Humane Society every couple of days to make sure he hadn't been turned in there. It was heart breaking to walk through there looking at all the dogs and cats in need of a home. We already have a cat and were hoping that Papi would soon return to us so I didn't let myself become attached to these animals as I walked through (not an easy task!). I thought with everything going on in our life right now adding another pet wasn't something to even consider. Silly me.

Brian wasn't able to get through the shelter without becoming attached. Pico caught his eyes and that was all it took. My initial response was "no way, no how, not going to happen!". After seeing the sad look in Brian's eyes and then seeing Pico's picture my resolve broke. We took the kids out to visit him last week and they fell in love with him too. On Saturday we brought Papi to meet him and they got along great. Long story short . . . we pick him up tomorrow!

Pico is having surgery today (he hadn't been neutered yet and the humane society requires that to be done before you can take the animals home). If all goes well we can pick him up tomorrow. We're not sure exactly what he is but he looks exactly like Papi except he is a little bit bigger and stockier. They guessed he is between 2-3 years old.

Although I still can't believe we are getting another dog I have to say I'm pretty excited. Papi likes other dogs (as long as they aren't big) and I think he will really enjoy having a buddy.

So some prayer requests for this week are:

* the kids as they adjust to the routine of being in school again

* for me as I adjust to the thought of my baby being in kindergarden!

* the family as we welcome Pico to our home

* that chemo will be uneventful and the side effects won't be as bad as the last round

* my CA125 number will be tested again on Thursday but I probably won't have the results until Friday - they said not to be surprised if it doesn't go down yet

* safe travel to G.R. on Wednesday and Thursday - the construction between here and there is crazy!

Thank you!!

By the way, if you are thinking about getting a cat or dog check out