Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009: Doing Well

Kristi is doing well again. She's done a 180 since last week. Really what she needs for the next week and a half is a return to normalcy. If you happen to see her, please talk about school, kids, weather, trees, grass, anything but cancer or lost pets. Speaking of lost pets, we had a call this morning from someone who saw a poster and saw Papi Wednesday in a subdivision about a half mile from our house. Kristi and the kids are out hanging posters in that sub right now. I'm headed out in a minute to look too.

A couple weekends ago I went on my annual wilderness outing with my friends. The first 2 nights we stayed a little west of Munising, MI and the last 2 nights we stayed on a remote beach a little east of Copper Harbor, MI. The beach was completely inaccessible for 99.9% of people because of the rough road and the 3 foot beaver pond covering the "road". But that wasn't enough to keep us away! Other than the Land Rover catching fire for a brief moment of excitement we all made it back safely! Here is a quick video of our trip...