Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010: Tumors, Tumors, Go Away!

Dr. Downey called tonight with the results of my ct scan. The scan showed that the tumors on my kidneys are still growing (despite the fact that my CA125 is going down). That kinda stunk to hear that but I can't say it surprised me. On a positive note, this was the only area that showed any evidence of disease (the scan went from my neck to my lower pelvis).

The plan for now is to wait until our next appointment which is November 3. That means three more weeks without chemo - yea! There is also another chemo pill that I can consider taking. Both of the pills are of course toxic and I need to weigh the pros and cons. I'm not against starting treatment again but I'm not going to even think about that now - did I mention three weeks without chemo? Love it!

If I should start to feel sick between now and then (nausea and pain in my upper stomach) it is possible that the tumors could be causing it and then we may start the treatment sooner. The tumors are not growing at an alarming rate now though . . . . if there are even tumors at all. I seem to recall at ct scan a few years ago that showed tumors all over my liver and during surgery a couple weeks later they found a completely healthy liver with no traces of cancer!

So for now we enjoy another break from chemo and ask for prayers for continued guidance on this journey.