Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010: Reaching Around the Globe

Kristi and I always knew that people from all over the world were reading our blog, but we had no idea we were reaching this far!  The new counter I have installed records the countries, states and cities people visit from.  When I looked at it tonight and showed it to Kristi we were blown away.  Humbled.  Honored.  Privileged.  Those are just a few of the adjectives we could use.  Here is a snapshot of the past 5 days:

In the past 5 days, we've had 1,677 hits by visitors from 4 continents, 31 countries, 85 states or regions, 278 cities and our blog has been translated into 18 different languages.  During this 5 days we had only a 37.8% bounce rate; that means people are hitting the blog and staying.  I was showing Kristi this and we kind of freaked out.  Yikes, talk about some pressure.  :)

Anyway, Kristi's pain was much better today but most of the day she was kind of out of it.  She took half a Vicadin this morning and slipped into "silly land".  Picture this:  Kristi sitting on her hands and knees on the couch.  Butt facing the room and her head stuck in the cushions.  Singing "Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don't Care".  I was telling my sister-in-law, Lori, if she didn't have cancer it would have been quite funny.  Well, it was funny, I have to admit.  Ashley and I enjoyed the show.  After she came down from the Vicadin high she was left with drowsiness and fatigue.  No more Vicadin unless the pain is unbearable.  We'll see how tomorrow goes but today was an improvement over yesterday at least.

Thanks for your continued prayers...from all over the world!

In my defense - I was curled up in like that because I was in pain and was trying to find a position that would help lessen the pain.  As far as the singing . . . never happened . . . . don't know what you are talking about . . . . (note to self - hide the video camera next time I take Vicodin!!)