Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008: Climbing Up

Wow, what a difference a day can make. Yesterday at this time I was so far buried in a pit that I honestly didn't think I would ever make it out again. Your encouragement and prayers have been wonderful. I was even fortunate to have had a God moment at church today. I have to admit at the time I was still trying to absorb it and my walls were still up but the more I think about it the more the walls go down. My faith is back and my fight is getting there and my mood has greatly improved. I was able to laugh today and play with the kids. I also found out there are some people out there going through these same feelings and I'm not alone. I don't know what I would do without my support system - my family, my friends and my bloggers!

Please continue to pray for my faith to continue to grow. Pray also for the decisions that will need to be made this week. It's been a year of "yes, the number went up a bit but let's give it another month". Well, we are literally at the end of that now and decisions will need to be made. Pray that we will keep our minds open all options. Pray also that Satan would loosen his grip on my mind and would get lost. By letting all my negative self talk bring me down I let Satan get quite a foot hold and I need to reverse that damage.

Thank you for lifting me up when I am down. I haven't completely learned what this new trial is all about but I'm getting there. Please pray for Brian and the kids too. Brian is such a trooper. He had a very difficult weekend last week but now that I am down, he is right there with me ready to walk this road with me. God knew what He was doing when he put us together!