Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008: A Call to Prayer Warriors

Well, we were expecting Kristi’s CA125 number to go up…we just didn’t expect it to go up by so much. Kristi’s new CA125 number is 123. This obviously came as a big shock. We’re kind of numb at this point. Unfortunately, we’re used to this sort of news. When you get this kind of phone call you go through all sorts of emotions. After having a good cry, we’re both doing pretty good now. The next step is more blood work on December 17 (Kristi’s birthday). That means we get the results on the 18th. Remember the Christmas miracle we got last year?!?! Well, let’s pray for the same type of miracle this year. If her CA125 level stays above 100 we will meet with Dr. Downey to plan the next steps. Our fear is that he will want to do the “hard” chemo right before Christmas. If it’s below 100, we stay on our current path. Please pray for calm during this uncertain time. Thank you.