Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011: Day 10

When we arrived at Hospice by ambulance last week Tuesday I certainly didn't think we would be here 10 days!  The morning after we checked in our case manager nurse here at the Hospice House said "it could be a week to 10 days".  I thought to myself "you're crazy, lady!".  Man, she must not have read Kristi's report, I thought to myself.  Well, here we are...10 days later!

Although this week and a half has been somewhat therapeutic for me (and Kristi's family) to get my last "good-bye" in and my last hug and "I love you", it hasn't been a whole lot of fun for Kristi.  They have the pain meds now to a point where she doesn't feel anything...and for me, that's the most important thing.  I have to admit, when I hop in her bed and snuggle up next to her before I go to bed at night it feels really good.  Her skin is so warm, so soft.  Sigh.

Kristi's sister got a nice surprise tonight...when Lori was telling Kristi good-bye for the night Kristi opened her eyes and mouthed two "I love you's" to Lori!  Wow.  I'm glad Lori was here for that...she needed that!  Man, that was incredible!! 

Well, that's all for day number 10.  Until day 11, have a good night....time to go snuggle!!