Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010: Ouch!

I'm writing today because Kristi is in a lot of pain. She could sure use some prayers specific to her pain. Here are a couple pictures of her neck.

Some people have wondered how I've been doing lately. Well, I actually have been doing really well. The psychiatrist I saw was great. We're still tweaking to find the right mix of meds but my depression is much better. Right now we're working on my sleeping - trying to find the right meds to make and keep me sleeping. I still struggle with daytime fatigue but we're focused on getting my sleeping "fixed". So that's all. Nothing much, but definitely worthy of praise.

The kids have all passed their colds and other than just being normal kids are doing well.

Please keep Kristi in your daily prayers - especially her pain.

Thank you much!