Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008: Another Blog Make-over

We thought with the new year and the successful surgery in December that we would start with a new blog look this year. It's a new year, therefore, a new beginning. This new blog template looks much more like Spring. With Spring comes new life, new hope. So, it's appropriate that our blog looks like Spring flowers and grass. My posts will be in this greenish color and Kristi's will be the reddish-pink color.

No news on the CA125 count yet, hopefully by the time we're done we'll have it. They are running waaaaay behind at the chemo clinic today. But, one bonus is that they now have wireless internet at the clinic. We're just sitting here (well, Kristi's lying) waiting for the "OK" from Kristi's oncologist to begin chemo.

Kristi says hi. :)