Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008: Listening

What a long day! This morning I started out by reading my morning devotion from Joyce Meyers' book Starting Your Day Right. (It's a great book that I highly recommend). She has a short devotion for every day and it's so easy to just read that little bit before I even get out of bed. In those paragraphs my mindset is changed from "I just want to sleep more" to "I wonder what God has in store for me today".

This morning was about not just spending time in God's word but also listening for Him afterwards. As I got out of bed I had the words go through my mind "help is on the way" which I know is from a song but I don't remember which one. I could hear those lyrics go over and over in my mind. Then on the way to chemo the song There's A Light at the End of the Tunnel was on. Both of those hit me because I was tuned into listening to God. It was so encouraging.

Unfortunately, as I spent the day at chemo I stopped listening and started noticing how behind they were at the clinic. They started a new registration process today and had three patients show up that were not on the schedule. After the chemo was finally started I started feeling a bit nauseous. The smells that go with the chemo tend to make me feel sick and the thought of these chemicals running through me tends to overwhelm me at times. So, I became quiet and a bit down and frustrated again.

As I look back at the day I can see when I stopped listening for God. So, my prayer request tonight is that I will stay focused all day long on what God has to say. When we are in His presence and tuned in then life just makes more sense. It won't be any easier but it will be easier to handle.

On another note, this chemo has some strange side effects. Most of them are skin irritations and sores which are most common on the palms of my hands and bottom of the feet but all the skin is susceptible. For the day before and 3-5 days after chemo I have to be careful. I can't take hot showers or have contact with hot water or drink hot beverages. I also have to try to avoid pressure on my skin which means loose clothes and shoes, no chopping hard vegetables with a knife (because of the pressure on my hands), no standing or kneeling for long periods of time on hard floor. Also, no eating hard foods or hot foods. I also have to ice my hands and feet a couple times a day - brrrrrr! All this is supposed to help prevent the side effects from coming.

Speaking of side effects, I just noticed some red spots appearing on my hands. I just also thought that typing is putting pressure on my finger tips . . . .ugh! The limitations! I think this will be easier than the nausea and fatigues though. Definitely.

Well, now that I've just written a book, I'm going to ice my hands and get to bed. Thank you for your prayers for us!