Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008: No Plumber Necessary

Since five different people have built up the nerve to ask us we figured there are more people wondering the same thing. So, we thought we'd take a minute and address something that a lot of you are thinking about but don't dare to ask...and well, it's more of a topic a man would talk about so I'll address it versus Kristi:

Kristi's new "plumbing" is working just fine!! :) People are so funny when they ask us. Her system is still trying to figure things out a bit (false alerts), but for the most part she's passed the test. Haha, get it?! "Passed" the test. Wow, sometimes these things just come out of nowhere.

Anyway, like I said, a little frustrating at times, but overall she's pleased with how things are moving along. Oh my, I did it again. I better quit.

Have a great night!