Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007: Not what we were hoping for

I'm sure you are all wondering what the new CA125 level is. I wish I could say that we hit the magic number, but we didn't. As one friend said though, "at least it went down". She's right. It did go down to 42 (it was at 47). We were quite disappointed but are adjusting to it.

It was a very long day, waiting both at the doctor's office and the chemo clinic. They were both behind schedule which meant a lot of waiting time for us. Even though we didn't do a lot today, the sitting and waiting tends to take it out of us. So, it's early bedtimes for everyone tonight!

Some prayer requests:

*Ashley is coming down with a cold.

*Dealing with the fact that we didn't hit the "magic" number. I can tell Brian is still quite down and is very quiet.

*I am a bit nauseous and tired from the chemo today. On that note, I'm off to take a nausea pill and go to bed. Thank you as always for your prayers!!