Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007: What a Weekend!

For 5 years now Kristi and I have been escaping for a weekend in October. We pack the camper up, ship the kids off, and go camping for a weekend with just the 2 of us. This is by far our favorite weekend of the year. Earlier this year we decided even with the cancer and the colostomy we were going to keep the tradition going...and are we glad we did!!! This was by far the best year we ever had.

Thursday night (with storm warnings and all) we ventured out all the way to Holland State Park!! Yup, 7 miles from home!! We got the perfect spot nestled alongside the back of the dune. The storm never bothered us. Later we found out there was even a tornado watch! Hmmm, go figure. We had an awesome time just enjoying each other. We make no plans and head out with nothing but movies, books, magazines, and a laptop...oh yeah, and lots of junk food!!!! We do nothing all weekend but read, watch movies, and talk. We don't even stray that far from the camper (we ate out one night). What an amazing time.

Thursday night I made deluxe chips & cheese for dinner

Here's Kristi enjoying one of her books

and Kristi busy stamping away!! (check out the hair!!)

Tomorrow morning before chemo we meet with her oncologist for a standard check up. We will get her CA125 level checked tomorrow as well. We're praying for 35. Please God let it be 35. Pray bold with us. Admittedly, we'll be bummed if it's not 35 so please pray that it's 35. Here are some thoughts from Kristi:

What a beautiful weekend! It's hard to believe it's October. It's also hard to believe how quickly this weekend flew. It wasn't easy to pack up and come home today. I could have stayed another week! I missed the kids but a weekend alone with Brian is quite a treat! There wasn't anyone asking me for anything, didn't have to nag anyone to get their homework done and I didn't have to change any diapers! Plus, Brian does most of the cooking when we are camping so I was spoiled rotten! I had endless time to read, stamp and sleep - I slept 12 hours every single night!

I have to agree with Brian that we are both really hoping for my CA125 level to be 35. If this is not the plan, I am going to add to his prayer requests that we will remember, it's just a number. We're just so anxious to get to the last two cycles of chemo after we hit that magic number. I'm not a very outgoing person but as soon as we hear from our nurse that we've hit the number, I think I may scream, shout and do a happy dance!

Thank you as always for all your prayers!