Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007: An uneventful day

Today went really well. We were in and out of the chemo clinic by noon! It wasn't very busy so things went through quickly. All of my counts (red, white and platelets) were up! They are typically down or stay the same. This was a great surprise! My CA125 level won't be tested again until November 19.

When we picked up Emily from Brian's parents, his mom had a supper ready for us to bake tonight. Thank you mom & dad! It was a yummy casserole with meat and potatoes and carrots. A real comfort food.

I took a nap this afternoon and am still very tired. I am going to bed now (it's 8:00) and am hoping to be all rested up and full of energy tomorrow.

Some prayer requests:

*Praise for high blood levels!

*Emily has been acting a little out of sorts lately. I think she is having a hard time with us sending her different places. She did well at Brian's parents last night but when we picked her up today she wouldn't talk to us and didn't even want to look at us for a while. It was like she was mad at us for leaving her. Please pray that she will have security in knowing that she is always in a safe place even if she isn't with mommy and daddy.

*Ashley and Nathan's colds seem to be on the way out - yea!

*Brian took care of everything for me today. He cleaned up the house while I was sleeping, heated up supper and took care of the dinner dishes. He just got back from bringing Ashley to piano lessons and will soon be off to Meijer's tonight for groceries. He is the man! Pray for patience for him during this busy time.

I would love prayers for energy and for peace. When I am very tired it is easy for me to get down. Also, tonight I started having an acid taste in my mouth when I eat - yuck! Thank you!