Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday, October 9, 2007: Married for Life

Once again our journey takes an exciting turn. Tomorrow morning we're being interviewed by WJQ (99.3) to be aired during Thursday's morning show between 6 and 10AM. We are being interviewed as part of Dan Seaborn's ministry Winning At Home (http://www.winningathome.com/) and its challenge for couples to make a commitment to be married for life (M4L). The challenge is for 1 million couples to make this commitment (more of a re-commitment really - you already made a commitment to God when you first were married, right?! This is just a re-commitment to be made with a family of believers that will help keep you accountable). Check out the link on the Winning At Home home page for details and if you feel so inclined, sign up. We're pretty excited about this opportunity to share our story and how this cancer has brought us closer together. As Kristi said in her very first e-mail..."You know, I wasn’t really living until now. I was gliding through life. Look out world cuz here I come!!!" It's been an amazing ride so far that just keeps getting more exciting all the time. If we get more details tomorrow as far as when the actual interview will be aired we'll pass them along. As of now, we just know it will be aired some time between 6 and 10AM.

Kristi had her chemo treatment yesterday and thanks to answered prayers her side effects have been pretty minimal thus far. We seem to have a small bug running through the house, however. This morning I woke up with a small stomach ache, Nathan now has a stomach ache and Ashley isn't feeling very well either. Please pray that none of us pass this along to Kristi and it passes quickly.

Please also pray that tomorrow's interview goes well and that Thursday morning we can "shine" to someone that needs a little "pick-up".